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How PDAA Certification Has Helped My Business

Posted by Ken Burns on 2/12/20 7:00 AM

Being PDAA Certified through SGIA has been a tremendous factor for the growth of our company. My two business partners and I started Axis Graphic Installations in August 2009, and it was a very slow start. Our clientele consisted exclusively of local print and sign companies in our home market of southeast Florida. We decided to make the investment of getting PDAA Certified in December 2009, and fairly quickly, we started getting new leads from outside of our local market.

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Why Are Sellers Coming to Market?

Posted by Mark R. Hahn on 2/5/20 4:00 PM

Within the universe of the thousands of family-owned companies that characterize much of the printing industry and related businesses, three factors are currently driving sellers of healthy companies to bring their companies to market at this time.

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Evaluating ERP Software Solutions

Posted by Adam Brister on 2/3/20 12:30 PM

In the fast-growing and ever-changing apparel market, staying ahead of the competition is a daily reality that companies face to remain profitable. When evaluating an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution, organizations want to ensure they make the right choice, see the solution successfully implemented, and quickly experience a return on their investment.

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An Aligned Mission for the Printing Industry

Posted by Lauren Searson on 1/29/20 4:00 PM

In addition to SGIA's own events, educational resources, training, certifications, and research, the association recognizes the importance of supporting programs that share its values in encouraging industry growth and connection. And the Partners in Printing (PIP) Expo (July 21 - 23, 2020; La Crosse, Wis.), hosted by Empire Screen Printing, is one such event.

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The Five Sales Sins to Avoid

Posted by David M. Fellman on 1/22/20 1:00 PM

Think about the last salesperson who called on you. Whether it was a phone call or face-to-face interaction, there's one important question to ask. Did that salesperson talk:

  1. Not enough
  2. Just the right amount
  3. Too much
  4. Way too much!

Now think back on your own last conversation with a prospect or customer.

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