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Direct Mail's Value in Omnichannel Marketing

Posted by Amanda Armendariz on 7/1/20 10:30 AM

With the advent of digital communication methods, many theorized that hard copy mail would suffer a sharp decline. But while mail volumes certainly have dropped (and will likely never return to pre-digital levels), it would be a mistake to assume that mail is no longer relevant. Indeed, marketers are finding that hard copy mail is once again the cornerstone of their communication efforts, especially given the digital fatigue that plagues the younger generations.

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Topics: Commercial Printing, Business Operations, Marketing, COVID-19

Emergency Pandemic Funding Key to Mailing Industry’s Future

Posted by Lisbeth Lyons on 6/29/20 3:00 PM

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted all of us, even the United States Postal Service (USPS) — the fate of which is very much intertwined with the commercial print and packaging industry. Our industry is a crucial part of a private sector postal-reliant industry that generates $1.6 trillion in sales. This mailing industry ecosystem employs 7.3 million workers across the entire supply chain: postal and print equipment manufacturing, paper, printing, publishing, packaging, and business segments that mail heavily (think retail and financial services) in order to promote, sell, and invoice customers.

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Topics: Commercial Printing, Packaging, Government Affairs, COVID-19

The Design Side of Color Management

Posted by Shelby Sapusek on 6/24/20 12:00 PM

“Make it pretty.”

If you have ever worked as a graphic designer, you have probably heard that statement more than once. Don’t misunderstand — a large part of a graphic designer’s job is creating an image or project that is visually appealing. But there isn’t a “make it pretty” button that makes that happen.

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Topics: Color Management Boot Camp, Graphic Design, Digital Color Professional Certification

Decoupling Economic Growth from Environmental Degradation

Posted by Heather Nortz on 6/22/20 3:45 PM

In April, PRINTING United Alliance (PrUA) announced its 2020 Sustainable Business Recognition Award recipients that had demonstrated practices aligning with standards adopted from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). One adopted goal was SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), which aims to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth; full and productive employment; and decent work for all. We're sharing how some of our recipients achieved this goal (and how you may also be integrating this SDG's targets in your own business without realizing it).

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Topics: Sustainability, Workplace Safety, Business Operations

Connecting the Functional and Industrial Printing Community

Posted by Jonathan Darling on 6/15/20 2:15 PM

If you’re standing still, you’re going backwards.

With SGIA recently acquiring NAPCO Media, then merging with PIA, the organization is moving forward at a rapid pace and is now called PRINTING United Alliance (PrUA). Joining interests brings massive opportunity. PRINTING United's 2019 premiere demonstrated the power of bringing different imaging technologies together, and the show put convergence on full display.

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Topics: Industrial Printing, Functional Printing, Networking, Business Operations