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Annual Competitions Showcase the World’s Best in Printing

Posted by SGIA Department of Print Technology and Training on 11/14/18 11:20 AM

Celebrating industry-leading excellence in printing, SGIA’s annual Golden Image Competition gives experts the chance to showcase their abilities in executing a print and be recognized among the best in the world.

IMG_2065The competition features over 50 categories and incorporates four category subgroups. We receive hundreds of entries across a wide range of products, including banners, garments, ceramics, building wraps, metal signs and just about every other major product in specialty printing.

All submissions are displayed in the SGIA (now PRINTING United) Expo Golden Image Gallery, where they are evaluated, judged and scored by an elite team of printing professionals. They award gold, silver and bronze ribbons to the best entries in each respective category.

Needless to say, there is always something new and unique to see in each year’s entries. Attendees are always impressed with the variety of everyday items on display — not just fine art, signs and posters, but things like electronic circuitry, membrane switches, T-shirts, towels, gaming devices and even an impressive lenticular print that creates the illusion of depth and motion on a flat surface.


Don’t miss the upcoming Fall Garment and November/December Graphic editions of the SGIA Journal and our December 13 Webinar in which Johnny Shell shares unique highlights and insights from this year’s competition. 

In conjunction with the Golden Image Awards, the Academy of Screen & Digital Printing Technologies Tom Frecska Student Printing Competition also puts graphic communications students’ art on display at the Expo, giving the future of the industry a chance to show that they too have what it takes to excel.


This year’s 106 entries were judged by the Academy, who awarded superior imaging work with special prizes. Gold ribbon winners are chosen in respective categories, and two Best of Show winners — one from each educational division (Secondary and Post-Secondary) — are given $500 for their own education and $500 for their school. The 2018 Student Competition winners were Gabi Huben from Careerline Tech Center and Jose Revuelta from Pasadena City College.

Check out the full lists of 2018 Golden Image Award Winners and student winners to see what other work stood out this year!

You’re always putting your best work forward — consider entering it in the 2019 Golden Image and Student Printing Competitions. Stay tuned for more details on

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