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Eileen Fritsch

Eileen Fritsch is a freelance writer based in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has covered the evolution of large-format digital printing since the 1990s, when she was assistant editor of Screen Printing magazine. She was a founding editor of Big Picture magazine for ST Media Group and Great Output magazine for the Professional Digital Imaging Association. In recent years, she has written articles about various applications and markets for digital printing, including textiles, garments, interior décor, glass decorating, retailing, professional photography, art and packaging.

Recent Posts

What Impressed Me Most at PRINTING United

Posted by Eileen Fritsch on 12/11/19 1:15 PM

The inaugural PRINTING United in Dallas was a show of unity, vitality and innovation. As digital printing technologies erase the distinct boundaries that once separated commercial, screen and photo printing, 2019 was the perfect time for SGIA and NAPCO Media to introduce a unified trade show for the entire printing industry.

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Kirk Green Discusses's Ferrari Color Acquisition

Posted by Eileen Fritsch on 7/22/19 7:01 AM

Earlier this spring, Ferrari Color was acquired by, a fast-growing online seller of large-format graphics. The news attracted attention, in part because Ferrari Color was such a well-known pioneer in the large-format graphics business.

But this isn’t a typical acquisition story. Entrepreneur Kirk Green has been serving as CEO of both Ferrari Color and for the past 12 years.

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Topics: Wide Format, Customer Service, Business Operations

A Graphic Design Studio that Prints

Posted by Eileen Fritsch on 3/11/19 9:53 AM

Cirrus Visual in Tucson, Ariz., is one company that’s well positioned to produce many forms of brand marketing and experiences. Brandon Blair founded the company 15 years ago as a graphic design studio with commercial printing capabilities. Today, Cirrus Visual helps local companies and organizations develop and execute brand identities through services such as logo design, app design, business cards, direct-mail postcards, labels, packaging, business cards, trade show exhibits, online catalogs, event graphics, menus, magazines, T-shirt designs and vehicle wrap designs.

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Topics: Wide Format, Commercial Printing, Graphic Design, Branding, Convergence

The Reinvention of Advertising Agencies (Part 2)

Posted by Eileen Fritsch on 8/29/18 1:46 PM

The Rise of Experiential Marketing Agencies

Face-to-face events such as conferences and trade shows will always be an effective way for marketers to communicate directly with customers. But experiential marketing is different. It’s a multi-media form of B2C marketing that is specifically designed to spark an emotional response and generate online exposure well beyond the actual event.

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The Reinvention of Advertising Agencies (Part 1)

Posted by Eileen Fritsch on 8/27/18 11:15 AM

 Once upon a time, brand marketers could hire a single advertising agency to produce creative visuals and messages for broadcast TV, magazine, radio, newspaper, in-store and outdoor advertising. Today, many traditional advertising and marketing agencies are reinventing themselves to cope with rapid changes in communications channels, consumer preferences, marketing automation technologies and data analytics. It’s important to follow what’s happening with advertising firms, marketing agencies and creative services studios because it can affect how you operate and market your printing business.

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