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The Green Evolution: Printing on Recycled Plastics

Posted by Glenn Cook on 9/5/18 7:45 AM

Markets and consumer demands are changing, and retailers are being tasked with finding ways to use more recycled plastics in an effort to create a “green” culture. This has put greater pressures on wide-format printers to provide stellar products on imperfect materials. “We haven’t seen a big push, but more of a shift from clients,” said Scott Crosby, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Holland & Crosby Ltd., of Ontario, Canada. “The idea was that you had signage or bags that could be recycled — that was a bonus — but we found that items were being thrown away. Now, we’re seeing retailers say, ‘Let’s print on plastics that already have been recycled,’ because that makes them feel better and is seen as a more practical green solution.” 

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