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Heather Nortz

Heather Nortz, Government and Business Affairs Assistant, SGIA, a George Mason University graduate. As an accelerated master’s student in Energy and Sustainability, she simultaneously earned her bachelor's degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in Human and Ecosystems Response to Climate Change.

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The Sustainable Packaging Loop

Posted by Heather Nortz on 8/5/19 7:05 AM

What is one thing online shopping and takeout food have in common? Packaging. The convenience of clothes, furniture or whatever your heart’s desire being delivered to your door comes with the cost of the protective layer wrapped around it. We have cast aside this foam peanut-filled cardboard or plastic time and time again — into the garbage bin it goes, to be forgotten while the long-awaited prize inside is revealed and gazed at. Gone are the days of the milkman when the package was valued — carefully emptied and returned to its original sender to be refilled again — or are they?

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Topics: Packaging, Printed Packaging, Sustainability, Business Operations