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Jim Workman

Jim Workman is Vice President, Technology and Research for PRINTING United Alliance. He is responsible for its annual Continuous Improvement Conference, the InterTech Technology Awards, and the association’s consulting services, as well as serving as managing director of the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA).

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Engaging Everybody in Daily Improvement

Posted by Jim Workman on 6/8/20 7:00 AM

The concept of continuous improvement (CI) is well known in our industry and practiced to some extent by most companies.However, the key is not whether your operation is improving, but the rate of improvement being achieved. Two companies can both be improving, but the one with the greater rate of improvement will eventually overtake the one with the slower rate. The gap in performance between the two companies will become substantial over time and directly affect competitiveness.

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Topics: Continuous Improvement, Lean Thinking, Business Operations