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John Compton

John Compton is owner and principal of Compton & Associates, a consulting organization dedicated to improving the people, processes and profits of its clients. He is Professor Emeritus at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he taught quality systems and process improvement for 25 years and served as Director of the Center for Quality and Productivity in the Graphic Arts. He was Vice President of Quality and Organizational Development at Fort Dearborn Company and later Vice President of Quality and Training at Vertis. Currently, he advises the Printing Industries of America on matters related to lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.

Recent Posts

Benefiting from Your Most Important Resource, Part 2

Posted by John Compton on 4/1/19 10:43 AM

In my experience, the key to a successful lean implementation is the total commitment of everyone involved to make it work. All levels of the organization — from operators to senior managers — must be aware of the fundamentals of lean and make their best efforts to practice and improve them daily.

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Topics: Leadership and Culture, Employee Management, Continuous Improvement, Workflow, Lean Thinking

Benefiting From Your Most Important Resource, Part 1

Posted by John Compton on 3/25/19 10:51 AM

Successfully transforming your business into a lean thinking and acting company is not easy. I recently had the opportunity to meet with the senior management of 15 printing and graphics companies who had been implementing lean and continuous improvement manufacturing practices. While some had achieved higher rates of improvement, many others experienced limited success, and my discussions with the latter uncovered several common issues.

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Topics: Business Solutions, Employee Management, Continuous Improvement, Workflow