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Linda & Tery Tennant

Linda and Tery Tennant are partners with Attainment Inc., a 30-year franchise of Leadership Management International. They have facilitated their leadership and productivity improvement workshops across North America, and their articles have been widely published. The results have been hundreds of leaders taking their organizations to the next level.

Recent Posts

Positive, Empowering Performance Discussions

Posted by Linda & Tery Tennant on 7/1/19 7:25 AM

Have you been frustrated with annual performance reviews? If so, you are not alone. Many people do not look forward to this annual event, whether on the giving or receiving end! 

Traditional annual performance reviews are not effective due to the long time interval between them. Also, they are often not based on specific, job-related performance measurements that have been agreed to upfront with the employee. This results in surprises — many times unpleasant ones.

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Topics: Employee Engagement, Employee Management, Business Operations, Professional Development

How to Get the Most Out of SGIA Workshops and Other Training

Posted by Linda & Tery Tennant on 7/18/18 3:37 PM


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