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Mike J. Idacavage, Ph.D.

Dr. Mike J. Idacavage’s work in UV-curing started at Eastman Kodak with the establishment of a UV-curing lab in 1985, and he has continued in the energy curing industry since. Mike has served as President of RadTech North America for the 2009–2010 term. Currently, he is the Vice President of Business Development for Colorado Photopolymer Solutions. In his current role, Mike serves as a technical advisor on a wide range of UV projects with a focus on 3D printing. Mike is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at SUNY-ESF in Syracuse, New York, teaching courses in UV- and EB-curing technology and UV-curable 3D printing.

Recent Posts

The Importance of "Dry" vs. "Cure" for UV-Curable Inks

Posted by Mike J. Idacavage, Ph.D. on 2/20/19 9:53 AM

With the long history of traditional printing, when to tell that the ink is dry comes almost naturally. Working with UV-curable inks moves the printer into a different world. The starting raw materials for the UV binder make up the UV-curable ink formulation. I like to think of it as having a miniature chemical factory taking place on the sheet or web after the printed wet ink is exposed to UV light.

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Topics: Digital Printing, Screen Printing, Inks, Dry vs Cure