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Olga Dorokhina

Olga Dorokhina, Research Coordinator at SGIA, has extensive experience in research in Canada and the United States. Being involved in all stages of research, from survey design to data analysis and reports’ presentation, Olga strongly believes that numbers could tell us interesting stories. We just need to listen to them while making our everyday business decisions. Her goal is to understand where the companies are located on the industry map compared to other players and provide them with the tools to achieve their potential.

Recent Posts

What's Happening in the Garment Decoration Industry?

Posted by Olga Dorokhina on 2/11/19 12:08 PM

In the garment industry, time is money. And with a busy schedule, it’s hard to stay up-to-date with industry trends. That’s why SGIA conducts its annual Industry Benchmarking Survey, for which we surveyed 119 garment decoration companies in 2018. The following is a breakdown of some of our key findings. 

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Crossing Boundaries and Overcoming Barriers

Posted by Olga Dorokhina on 6/20/18 9:45 AM

According to this year's SGIA Industry Benchmarking survey, one of the main obstacles of growth is finding new customers. In an effort to learn more about these challenges, and possible strategies to overcome them, SGIA launched a survey in partnership with NAPCO to gain insight into industry convergence and other developments that could improve business potential. 

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