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Challenges and Solutions for Retail Graphic Installations

Posted by Ray Weiss on 8/1/18 9:49 AM

Retail graphic installations cover a wide variety of printing and application processes and methods and can be great for your business. They also present some unique challenges.

Off-Hours Installation

Installing retail graphics typically means working when the store is closed, i.e., outside normal business hours, and that brings with it a host of considerations. 

  •  Staffing: Working late can lessen productivity and/or worker flexibility.
  • Lights: Consider that some establishments have lights that automatically shut off. Plan to have your own lighting if needed.
  • Security: Ensure the client's security company has the installers' names. 
  • Client Communications: Arrange for someone to be available if questions arise.
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Installation Challenges

Certain parts of the installation process may be more difficult to complete than others, and these areas of concern may create challenges that the installer should prepare for.

  • Corners: Be aware or graphics that may wrap around the corner of a wall or bridge across an inside corner. Reviewing proofs can provide insight and instruction. 
  • Vinyl choice: The type of vinyl and adhesive used can determine how durable an installation is. Take note of the different materials used to avoid significant wear and tear.
  • Paint: Installing on painted walls usually requires sanding and repainting. Avoid egg-shell paint finish because it makes adhesion of the vinyl more of a challenge


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