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Knowledge Breeds Opportunity

Posted by Dan Marx on 6/18/18 8:49 AM

Among the things that keep your business operating, money is the most obvious. It buys the equipment, pays the bills and is the cog that keeps your machine running. But money doesn’t inspire. Knowledge is what inspires us beyond the present, and what helps us make plans needed to evolve our business. With the current rate of change in our industry, and the rapid shifts in market demands, the acquisition of reliable knowledge is as important as ever.

c18_500x500_quotes_6For the 2018 SGIA Expo (October 18-20 in Las Vegas), we have assembled an education program of 72 sessions that is designed to show you what's on the horizon for the printing industry. 

Traditionally, the printing industry has been organized into neat, little boxes. Each segment had its own identity, usually centered around a specific technology or end product. But with the advancements of digital technology, industry convergence is underway, and the divisions between segments are blurring. The neat little boxes are gone, and the industry today looks much more like a venn diagram. Where the elements of that diagram merge, commonalities exist. Segments may share a common workflow, have digital printing technology in common or use common materials, and because of this convergence, printing companies can expand and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

So, assuming you’ll be joining us in Las Vegas, here’s your basic education strategy: Take time to learn what you don’t know by focusing on potential opportunities. Odds are, you already understand your current segment, and while it is important to stay abreast of changes in that segment, it is much more important to learn about where you might expand your business to stay competitive. You will gain a better sense of the expansive opportunities available in the market, and your business will benefit as the printing industry continues to shift.

So, what should you do now? Register for the Expo. Purchase the Expo education pass. Reap the benefits.

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