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Maximize Your SGIA Expo Experience

Posted by Dan Marx on 10/1/18 2:14 PM

I’m excited to be joined by more than 25,000 of my industry colleagues this year’s SGIA Expo in Las Vegas. The SGIA Expo is so big that if you go without a strategy, you’re likely to miss out on some exciting opportunities. This post will give you some tips and tricks to prepare, so you can get the most out of the experience.

Map It Out

In most cases, attendees are looking for something, whether it be a press, materials or some sort of software. Save yourself time by pulling out a floorplan and mapping out the specific booths you need to visit. Not only will this ensure that you consider all options, but you will not waste time zig-zagging around the Expo floor.



Take Time to Learn

What you can learn at a trade show is just as important as the things you can see. Before you leave for the show, take time to consider any of the many educational sessions that are offered. Make your picks and build them into your schedule. Sessions are great for learning, and they also give you time reflect on the latest industry trends. 



Pre-Schedule Key Appointments

While you may have your heart set on buying a specific piece of equipment during the Expo, it can be difficult to engage busy booth sales staff. If you are a serious, qualified buyer who is ready and willing to close the deal, contact the company to arrange an appointment in advance. 

Prepare Your Questions

In addition to defining what you want to see, take time to define what you want to know. Part of the equipment shopping process is seeing beyond the marketing spin. By developing a list of questions to ask all the vendors you’re considering, you’ll glean facts and can compare them against each other.



Perfect Your Elevator Speech

Quick: Who are you and what do you do? Wherever you reside within your company, you should be able to answer that question in a factual, compelling way. If you want trade show vendors to give you the best experience and consideration they can, it is paramount that they understand who you are, and the nature of your needs.

Be on the Lookout

It’s okay to know what you’re looking for, to have your favorites among vendors and to know what your business needs. But it’s also imperative to have an open mind, and to allow yourself the space you need to consider what’s new, follow new opportunities and make wise decisions for the future of your business. You might be surprised by what you can discover.



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