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Mixed Media: Create Unique Effects That Stimulate Sales

Posted by Frank Gawronski on 7/23/18 3:35 PM

Ryonet Machine-1

Riley 300 Manual Press. Image courtesy of Ryonet.

Mixed media in the decorated apparel industry involves the use of at least two different embellishment processes in a single design. For example, you can create a mixed media design by combining screen printing and embroidery. While mixed media is not new, its potential for driving new sales could dazzle your customers!

Mixed Media Options

When it comes to the number of available mixed media options, you are really only limited by your imagination. Consider the equipment that you already own and begin developing mixed media samples as your schedule allows. The following is a brief list of some of the many options available to create mixed media garment decorations. 

GSG ZSK Sprint 7 Singlehead Embroidery Machine

GSG ZSK Sprint 7 Singlehead Embroidery Machine

  • Screen Printing and Embroidery: Each of these processes has a unique texture, and when combined, you create a design that appears to be multi-dimensional. Use the screen printing process to create a background and then add a few embroidered foreground objects to add texture and depth.
  • Transfers and Embroidery: Apply the transfer to the garment using a heat press, then hoop the garment and add the embroidered objects. 
  • Embroidery and Sublimation: This process offers the unique option of applying the sublimation over the stitches of the embroidery. For example, create and stitch a digitized shape onto the garment, then create a sublimation design with colors and shading to apply over the stitches.
  • Embroidery and Fabric: Commonly known as “applique,” here we digitize a unique design that outlines a shape, then the operator places a pre-cut, pre-glued piece of fabric on the shape.
  • Screen Printing and Chenille: Chenille is a unique stretching process that creates “chain” and “moss” stiches. Screen printing can be used as a background for or on top of the chenille. 
  • Embroidery and Chenille: Embroidery adds names or details on top of the chenille
  • Puff Ink and 3D Embroidery: Using special inks to create “puff” printing, and the embroidery encapsulates special craft foam to create 3D embroidery. 
  • Laser and Screen Printing and/or Embroidery: Laser cutting is paired with these two tactics to create wild and exotic designs. Laser cutting cuts away areas, and the screen printing and/or embroidery cover the design.


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