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Finding the Right Dye Sublimation Paper

Posted by Randy Anderson and Rob Repasi on 12/18/19 12:15 PM

You’ve spent countless hours at trade shows and online examining expensive equipment, looking at various RIP options, determining whether you need calendars or flat presses — and which one(s) — for transfer equipment, and specifying substrates in order to get the best dye sublimation output for your particular application. Choosing a dye sublimation paper to optimize the effectiveness of your application can make or break you.

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Topics: Digital Textile, Apparel Decorating, Dye Sublimation Printing

Leadership that Achieves the 20/20 Vision

Posted by Ryan T. Sauers on 12/16/19 1:15 PM

Vision, mission, purpose and leadership are words we constantly hear in business today. Vision is the plan for what the future of our organizations will look like, while mission refers to our daily activities to achieve these long-term goals. Our purpose is why our companies ultimately do what they do. For our companies to be successful, it’s important
to understand what a vision is, and how strong leadership helps us accomplish it.

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Topics: Printing Industry, Leadership and Culture, Business Operations

What Impressed Me Most at PRINTING United

Posted by Eileen Fritsch on 12/11/19 1:15 PM

The inaugural PRINTING United in Dallas was a show of unity, vitality and innovation. As digital printing technologies erase the distinct boundaries that once separated commercial, screen and photo printing, 2019 was the perfect time for SGIA and NAPCO Media to introduce a unified trade show for the entire printing industry.

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Topics: Printing Industry, Digital Printing, Screen Printing, Printing United

What's Behind the Print Industry's Consolidations

Posted by Mark R. Hahn on 12/9/19 11:15 AM

What trends are driving printing industry consolidation? Besides the positive U.S. economy, some trends stand out as indicative of underlying shifts in the printing industry which transcend the moment.

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Topics: Commercial Printing, Printing Industry, Research and Reporting, Business Operations, Graphics Production

Maintaining Consistent Color for a Large-Scale Installation

Posted by Jason Carolla on 12/4/19 11:00 AM

Earlier this year, our team at Studio Graphics had the opportunity to work with Bombardier Aerospace — a global leader in the transportation industry. When they initially contacted us about wrapping their Learjet 75 Liberty mock-up, it was evident at first glance the installation aspect would be the greatest challenge, since business jets are normally painted. Not only would this mock-up be showcased at the world's largest business jet trade show to lure in potential buyers who would be inspecting every detail, but it would have a special unveiling the day prior! 

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Topics: Color Management Boot Camp, Installers, SGIA Digital Color Professional Certification, Graphics Production