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This year, SGIA has made some exciting changes to the Master Certification program that more accurately reflect what PDAA stands for: highly qualified installers with high standards who can handle vinyl on any surface. With our continued efforts to evolve the Master Certification program, SGIA's goal is to build a strong and reliable certification program that represents the best of the installer community.



As of January 2018, SGIA and PDAA no longer function as separate membership organizations — all PDAA members are now SGIA installer members!

Additionally, the certification designation will now be tied to the individual, instead of it belonging to the company. That said, companies will still be listed on the "Find an Installer" search as long as they employ at least one Master Certified Installer.

Avery Dennison also recognizes PDAA certification, giving SGIA's certified installers additional recognition by Avery, and the benefits that designations brings. 

How to Become a PDAA Master Certified Installer

To take advantage of the Master Certified listing on “Find an Installer” and to promote the business as a PDAA Master Certified company, an installer needs to achieve the certification through a series of steps. 

Step 1: Installers must take an online assessment of 50 questions and score at least 80%.

Step 2: Once the online assessment is complete, installers must attend a one-day hands-on training session, which tests in acrylic, rivet, cut and car vinyl application.

Step 3: After passing the assessment and taking the training course, installers must pay the $199 annual membership fee to become a Master Certified Installer. Installers will receive a digital badge they can use to promote their expertise and will be listed on the "Find an Installer" search.

The future holds many more exciting opportunities for installers and SGIA. We are continually working to improve and expand this certification into a variety of areas. 

The next PDAA Master Certification Test is July 26 in Kansas City, Missouri. Visit SGIA.org for more information on upcoming "Wrap Like a Pro" workshops and certification testing.

Read more in The SGIA Journal Graphic Edition March/April 2018


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Ray Weiss

Written by Ray Weiss

Ray Weiss, Director of Digital Print Programs for SGIA, joined the Association in 2014. He provides solutions and technical information on digital printing as well as digital equipment, materials, and vendor referrals. He oversees several workshops at SGIA along with the association’s digital equipment evaluation program. Ray is project manager for both the PDAA Certification program and SGIA's Digital Color Professional certification program and is an instructor for the Color Management Boot Camps. Ray is a regular contributor to the association's Journal and won the 2016 Swormstedt Award for Best in Class writing in the Digital Printing category. His 25+ year career in the graphics industry has spanned owning his own prepress and offset business to digital wide format sales, training, support, and service. Ray has extensive experience in color management and worked closely with the Smithsonian Institution to implement a color managed workflow in their Exhibits department.

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