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How a Student Gained Recognition at Printing’s Largest Expo

Posted by Erin Nuss on 8/13/18 2:53 PM

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For students, attending the SGIA Expo shows the world of printing beyond the classroom. It exposes them to new ideas and innovations and allows them to see the concepts and techniques they’re learning on a daily basis in action as they’re surrounded by industry leaders.

But that exposure works both ways, and whether students and educators can attend the Expo, there are still opportunities to put their names and programs in front of big industry names — one of which is the ASDPT Tom Frecska Student Printing Competition.


During my senior year at Millersville University, I was president of the Marauder Graphics Club, which raised money to attend the 2014 SGIA Expo by screen printing T-shirts for fellow clubs and organizations. Four of us were able to attend with our instructor, including my classmate Danielle Olson, who had entered the printing competition. 

She shared the story behind her submission and what it was like to see it on display at printing’s largest trade show.

“Entering the ASDPT Tom Frecska Student Printing Competition was a great experience."

The Giclee Canvas project that I entered in the competition presented an image of my dad when he was a young boy with his grandpa. I brought the moment back to life when I added color to the original black and white photo, and therefore called the project “A Moment in Time.


 In my following semester at Millersville, I went on a trip with Marauder Graphics to Las Vegas to the SGIA Expo. 

The Expo was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot! One of my favorite moments of the competition was when I witnessed my project hanging on a wall in the show room with a certificate of merit hanging next to it. I was overcome with accomplishment knowing that I had worked so hard on the project. Honoring my dad and his grandpa made it even more special.

As you can tell by the picture, I was very excited!

For anyone that is entering or thinking about going into this competition, it’s a very worthwhile experience. It’s really rewarding to see your project get an award and even better to see your product in a printing expo.”

 The deadline for instructors to submit their students’ samples is just a few weeks away (September 1). All entries will be displayed at the 2018 SGIA Expo, and Best of Show winners receive a special Academy Student Achievement Award and a cash prize of $500 to use toward their graphic arts education. Instructors will also receive $500 to use toward their school’s graphic arts educational program. 


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