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The Architecture of Learning

Posted by Dan Marx on 9/10/18 11:08 AM

 As you strive to build your business, reliable knowledge is one of the most important tools you can have. Printing is a thing, an activity, a process, a means to an end; but running a business requires strategy, thought, consideration and an ongoing flow of concepts and ideas. Fortunately, the upcoming SGIA Expo (October 18-20 in Las Vegas) has the resources you need.MDR_0247

Let’s start with the foundation of your business. This year’s Expo has two half-day sessions designed to get new and fledgling businesses, or those who are new to wide-format digital printing, started on the right track. By having this foundational knowledge in place, businesses are then able to build upon it. These sessions, “Essential Small Business Strategies,” and “Wide-Format 101,” will both be held on Wednesday, October 17, the day before the Expo opens, and they are priced for a guaranteed ROI.

MDR_0232Building upon foundational learning, the SGIA Expo has 72 educational sessions taking place during the three days of the event, carefully curated by industry professionals and organized into tracks addressing the needs of every printing segment. Graphics producers and installers, garment decorators, industrial printers, packaging converters and commercial printers will benefit from segment-specific sessions and a special track of business management focused sessions that will elevate any printing business.



At the top of our metaphorical “building” is where your business opportunities can grow, to expand upward toward the future, toward opportunity. To address the aspirational soul of your business, SGIA offers 12 free sessions highlighting the findings of recently commissioned (by SGIA) and independent research products, the results of which point toward new opportunities and changing industry conditions.


The SGIA Expo is an amazing event, filled with sights, sounds and a vibrant energy that rivals the Las Vegas strip (at least in my opinion). Amid the excitement, I urge you to take time to learn, consider and gain the knowledge needed to build your businesses.

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