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This Time, It was Personal

Posted by Ryan Moor on 3/6/19 12:47 PM

With THREADX year two in the books, all I can say is I am looking forward to year three! It was great to see how many new people came out this year as well as the familiar faces who had joined us for the inaugural event in Palm Springs last year; I would say it was a solid split down the middle.

THREADX_Garment_NetworkingEventWhen thinking back on my favorite parts of this year's THREADX, they all tie back to how the conference really created a personal experience, from sessions that emphasized collaboration to a schedule that ensured ample time for networking.

First, the Kona Kai Resort & Spa in San Diego was a great location that was easy to get in and out of, and it was right by the airport. Plus, it was nice to be on a strip, as I know several people brought their families along and stayed before and after.

THREADX19_BreakNetworkingI also enjoyed how this year's schedule provided a lot of flexibility. The additional breaks and optional events in the afternoons, such as the Harbor Cruise and Brews & BBQ at Ballast Point, allowed people to keep up with work and have plenty of time to connect with peers, speakers and conference sponsors. 

That spirit of connection and collaboration was also evident in the educational sessions. I don’t think this was planned, but all of the speakers honed in on the idea of collaborating and working together, which opened up conversations and discussions outside of the seminars as well. It’s great to have topics that create ongoing discussions, and it was really cool that Aaron Draplin — the Owner and Founder of Draplin Design Co., who presented and led a pre-conference workshop — hung out at all of the events and graciously answered questions.  THREADX19_DraplinNetworking

I had the chance to talk to most of the shops that were there, and hands down they all loved the vibe and are planning on coming to next year’s THREADX in Scottsdale, Ariz. (February 23 - 25). Needless to say, I second that notion with goals set, relationships developed and grown, and ideas planted for a better tomorrow! #THREADX20 here we come!

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