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THREADX Delivers the Goods

Posted by Christopher Bernat on 3/4/20 4:00 PM

Scottsdale, Ariz. got a burst of apparel creativity (and wisdom) when THREADX 2020 arrived last week. Crisp air, sunny skies, and a sense of community made for a great few days of inspiration, camaraderie, and networking. Here's a play-by-play overview of all this year's highlights.

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Evaluating ERP Software Solutions

Posted by Adam Brister on 2/3/20 12:30 PM

In the fast-growing and ever-changing apparel market, staying ahead of the competition is a daily reality that companies face to remain profitable. When evaluating an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution, organizations want to ensure they make the right choice, see the solution successfully implemented, and quickly experience a return on their investment.

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Different Factors in Water-Based Printing

Posted by James Ortolani on 1/6/20 12:30 PM

The fashion world has been decorating fabric with water-based inks and dyes for decades, and now finished-garment decorators are taking up water-based printing as well. Today’s water-based ink systems offer a full range of products for textile screen printers that can be used across a wide scope of fabrics including cotton, polyester, 50/50 and tri-blends.

Water-based printing is easy, but it’s wise to review the main variables in the process before printing your first job.

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Finding the Right Dye Sublimation Paper

Posted by Randy Anderson and Rob Repasi on 12/18/19 12:15 PM

You’ve spent countless hours at trade shows and online examining expensive equipment, looking at various RIP options, determining whether you need calendars or flat presses — and which one(s) — for transfer equipment, and specifying substrates in order to get the best dye sublimation output for your particular application. Choosing a dye sublimation paper to optimize the effectiveness of your application can make or break you.

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