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The Design Side of Color Management

Posted by Shelby Sapusek on 6/24/20 12:00 PM

“Make it pretty.”

If you have ever worked as a graphic designer, you have probably heard that statement more than once. Don’t misunderstand — a large part of a graphic designer’s job is creating an image or project that is visually appealing. But there isn’t a “make it pretty” button that makes that happen.

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Topics: Color Management Boot Camp, Graphic Design, Digital Color Professional Certification

My Color Management Journey

Posted by Mary Song on 8/7/19 7:08 AM

My introduction to color management was through a class I took in college. I was an art major with a concentration in photography, continually frustrated and disappointed in the quality and color output of our local print shops. In 2010, during my junior year, my school offered a one-time elective called Advanced Digital Output with Professor Tony Caltabiano. I began to learn about color management, digital printing and how different print facilities handled their color and quality.

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Topics: Printing Industry, Color Management Boot Camp, Color Management, Digital Color Professional Certification