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Additive Manufacturing: Driving a New Wave of Design Freedom for Electronics

Posted by Tim Fahey on 8/15/18 10:33 AM

I presented at SGIA’s FP3 Conference in June in Chicago. The audience included several key electronics printers in North America, who I got the opportunity to engage with both during following the event. My presentation examined how additive manufacturing processes are converging to drive a new wave of design freedom for manufacturers of electronic devices.

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Explore What’s on the Horizon at the 2018 SGIA Expo (Part 1)  

Posted by Bill Stein on 8/8/18 3:22 PM

It’s not your father’s printing industry any more. Whereas once upon a time you were either a litho printer or a screen printer or a flexographic printer, the advent of digital technologies means market segments are blurring.

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How to Get the Most Out of SGIA Workshops and Other Training

Posted by Linda & Tery Tennant on 7/18/18 3:37 PM


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Workflows in Digital Textile are Different! (Part 2)

Posted by Pat McGrew on 7/6/18 3:36 PM

Textile printing is different than other types of printing, as are the workflows that support them all. While screen printing and rotary screen printing have been the stable main print technologies, the workflow elements have evolved continuously to support the needs of brands and designers, and the adoption of digital innovations. 

In our last blog post, we discussed the different components of the digital textile workflow, but we must also understand the business side of these operations, and how they are impacted in the process.

The Business of Digital Textile Printing

There are many cost models related to digital print production. First, your equipment will have a different operating profile from your conventional devices, so you should carefully consider how you amortize your equipment and your maintenance expenses. Digital devices should be run every day, even if you do not have paid work, so building in costs associated with running the machine and consumables to support those print runs should be part of the calculations. 

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Increase Print Capacity by Thinking

Posted by Dan Marx on 6/29/18 9:00 AM

Do you have more print work than your company has the capacity to handle? If yes, then the next step should be to go out and start looking for new equipment, right? Before you make appointments with your accountant and your banker, you should ask yourself a few questions, like:

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