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Sustainable Business Practices: Promoting Health and Well-Being

Posted by Heather Nortz on 4/29/20 1:45 PM

Last week, SGIA announced its 2020 Sustainable Business Recognition Program recipients, with an introduction to the globally recognized United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their accompanying targets and indicators that served as the program's criteria. Now, we're sharing how the Sustainable Business Recognition Silver Award recipients achieved SDG No. 3., which focuses on ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all ages.

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Recognizing Sustainable Efforts in Print on Earth Day

Posted by Heather Nortz on 4/22/20 12:08 PM

What defines a sustainable business is its impact on the environment, how it treats its employees and community, and its profitability. People, planet, and profit are the commonly known criteria for defining sustainable operations. But how do you measure a business's sustainable actions and gauge the impact they have in each of these three categories?

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Topics: Printing Industry, Sustainability, Employee Management, Business Operations

An Engaging Conversation

Posted by Christina Rosado on 11/6/19 7:15 AM

The first day of the inaugural PRINTING United trade show kicked off with a bang, with the excitement continuing into the Opening Night Party at Gilley’s Dallas. But the conversations were only getting started, with two more days for attendees to explore the event’s show floor, education and special events. This was especially the case for the apparel decorators community, who came together to connect with their peers at the Apparel Decorators Luncheon on Thursday, October 24. For some, it was a time to network within their industry and put faces to names, while for others, it was all about learning.

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Inspiring Commitment as Leaders

Posted by Jamie Parker on 8/14/19 10:00 AM

How do we address the personal, human side of business and leadership with our inherent management expectations of delivering results?

As managers and leaders, our jobs are multifaceted. We play different functions in our interactions with team members. These functions exist on a continuum, ranging from directing to connecting.

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Positive, Empowering Performance Discussions

Posted by Linda & Tery Tennant on 7/1/19 7:25 AM

Have you been frustrated with annual performance reviews? If so, you are not alone. Many people do not look forward to this annual event, whether on the giving or receiving end! 

Traditional annual performance reviews are not effective due to the long time interval between them. Also, they are often not based on specific, job-related performance measurements that have been agreed to upfront with the employee. This results in surprises — many times unpleasant ones.

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