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THREADX: Changing the Garment Industry Conversation

Posted by Lauren Searson on 12/10/18 12:34 PM

Shifting markets and consumer behaviors and trends are forcing business owners to examine the services they offer and how their brand connects to consumers. So how are today’s garment businesses staying ahead of the curve? By connecting with their greater community — industry experts, peers and suppliers. And where it all takes place is THREADX, which returns for its second iteration February 17–19, 2019, in San Diego. 

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2018 Garment Decorators Luncheon Takes an Eye-Opening Look at Branding

Posted by Christina Rosado on 11/21/18 3:22 PM

As the excitement and buzz of the SGIA Expo’s opening day continued into Saturday, October 19, the garment decoration community came together to spark a conversation of their own at the Garment Decorators Luncheon.

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The Reinvention of Advertising Agencies (Part 1)

Posted by Eileen Fritsch on 8/27/18 11:15 AM

 Once upon a time, brand marketers could hire a single advertising agency to produce creative visuals and messages for broadcast TV, magazine, radio, newspaper, in-store and outdoor advertising. Today, many traditional advertising and marketing agencies are reinventing themselves to cope with rapid changes in communications channels, consumer preferences, marketing automation technologies and data analytics. It’s important to follow what’s happening with advertising firms, marketing agencies and creative services studios because it can affect how you operate and market your printing business.

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What We Sell is Emotion

Posted by Dan Marx on 8/3/18 1:46 PM

During a past SGIA webinar, garment decoration veteran Greg Kitson of Mind's Eye Graphics shared one of his opinions about the industry. “Nobody needs another T-shirt!’’ he said. “What I really sell is memories that happen to be on T-shirts.’’ This statement really resonated with me, and it got me thinking about our ongoing relationship with the T-shirt, and how, for many of us, certain T-shirts become cherished items, strong in emotional connection. SGIA reached out to a smattering of dedicated T-shirt wearers from all walks of life and asked them to tell us the stories behind their favorite, or most cherished, T-shirt. Their responses give a telling view into what builds a strong connection between us and our favorite shirts:

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Workflows in Digital Textile are Different! (Part 1)

Posted by Pat McGrew on 7/2/18 11:06 AM

Textile printing is different than other types of printing, as are the workflows that support them all. While screen printing and rotary screen printing have been the stable main print technologies, the workflow elements have evolved continuously to support the needs of brands and designers. 

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