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Big Ideas in San Diego, Part 1

Posted by Dan Marx on 2/25/19 10:37 AM

As I’m writing this, I’m on an airplane, heading home from SGIA’s THREADX 19 conference in San Diego. The last two days are dancing in my brain, and I want to get some of my thoughts and observations down before they begin to fade.  

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THREADX 2019: A Next-Level Look at Garment Decoration

Posted by Lauren Searson on 2/13/19 10:59 AM

With an eye toward the future, THREADX 2019, powered by SGIA (San Diego, February 17 - 19), will be a unique experience catered to the wants and needs of garment decorators with a fresh outlook on what is moving and shaking the industry.

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Tips From a Rock Star

Posted by Dan Marx on 1/14/19 11:00 AM

I feel like I “get” Aaron Draplin, the keynote speaker for THREADX 2019 (February 1719, San Diego). With a foot in skateboard/snowboard culture with a punk rock twist, Draplinhas crafted an identity for his company that is broad in its nature while still emblemizing a sense of individualism. 

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Design Isn't Just a Job

Posted by Aaron Draplin on 12/17/18 10:38 AM

It’s been two years since the release of “Pretty Much Everything,” and there’s so much new stuff I wish I could jam into the first printing! Since the release, there’s been so many new logos, road trips, ups, downs, triumphs, turds, speaking fiascos, new Field Editions, Skill Share class fallout and tons of new colorful, sort-of-clever Draplin Design Co. (DDC) merch items.

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