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The ROI of Volunteering

Posted by Greg Kitson on 6/3/19 11:11 AM

Every year, I sit down with my current financials — my budgets and projections — and what would be best described as a crystal ball as I attempt to compose what I have learned in an executive financial summary for my various companies.

The document(s) describe what I thought would happen financially versus what occurred and what can be done to eliminate losses and improve profitability as I move forward in an evermore challenging business environment.

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Benefiting from Your Most Important Resource, Part 2

Posted by John Compton on 4/1/19 10:43 AM

In my experience, the key to a successful lean implementation is the total commitment of everyone involved to make it work. All levels of the organization — from operators to senior managers — must be aware of the fundamentals of lean and make their best efforts to practice and improve them daily.

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Learning, Networking and More at the 2019 President's Conference

Posted by Jennifer (Jenn) Strang on 3/1/19 1:23 PM

In just a couple of days, print leaders from companies large and small will gather in Phoenix for the 2019 President’s Conference. This year’s lineup features an impressive list of keynote and breakout presenters curated especially for the modern business owner and manager.

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THREADX: Changing the Garment Industry Conversation

Posted by Lauren Searson on 12/10/18 12:34 PM

Shifting markets and consumer behaviors and trends are forcing business owners to examine the services they offer and how their brand connects to consumers. So how are today’s garment businesses staying ahead of the curve? By connecting with their greater community — industry experts, peers and suppliers. And where it all takes place is THREADX, which returns for its second iteration February 17–19, 2019, in San Diego. 

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The 2019 Economic Outlook

Posted by Andy Paparozzi on 12/3/18 11:03 AM

In 2018, the American economy grew for the ninth consecutive year. We can expect this growth to continue in 2019 at approximately this year’s pace. The economy’s recent acceleration pairs with GDP growing faster now than in recent years. Consumer and federal spending have increased as well, also contributing to the economic acceleration.A large contributor to this trend is business investments in innovations like new equipment and software, which is up 8.7%, more than doubling the 3.7% gain from a year ago.

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