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The Growth of Direct-to-Shape

Posted by Karis Copp on 4/6/20 3:45 PM

As we move into a new decade, consumer inclination for personalized and customized packaging continues apace, prompting the need for shorter runs, quicker turnaround times, and the flexibility to utilize variable data to produce individual designs. The food and beverage market is leading the way, as evidenced at PRINTING United 2019, during which exhibitors showcased digital direct-to-shape solutions with a focus on drinkware applications. 

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The Capabilities of Smart Packaging

Posted by Andrew Manly on 3/23/20 4:00 PM

In the world of active and intelligent packaging (A&IP), printed electronics (PE), thermochromic and photochromic inks, and high-definition QR and bar coding are having a tremendous impact. As printing technologies continue to play a central role in A&IP’s development, many big brand owners are quickly catching on to its potential for their increasingly complex needs.

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Digital or Conventional for Label Printing?

Posted by Wim Zoomer on 8/19/19 11:58 AM

The packaging segment — folding carton, flexible, corrugated and labels — has primarily used conventional printing technologies, such as screen, flexo, offset and gravure. Screen printing’s versatility, for example, has often supported the leading conventional technologies with regard to pre-printed white, brilliant or vivid colors, varnish and high or low tactile. But what about the rise of inkjet, and its application in label printing?

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The Sustainable Packaging Loop

Posted by Heather Nortz on 8/5/19 7:05 AM

What is one thing online shopping and takeout food have in common? Packaging. The convenience of clothes, furniture or whatever your heart’s desire being delivered to your door comes with the cost of the protective layer wrapped around it. We have cast aside this foam peanut-filled cardboard or plastic time and time again — into the garbage bin it goes, to be forgotten while the long-awaited prize inside is revealed and gazed at. Gone are the days of the milkman when the package was valued — carefully emptied and returned to its original sender to be refilled again — or are they?

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Additive Manufacturing: Driving a New Wave of Design Freedom for Electronics

Posted by Tim Fahey on 8/15/18 10:33 AM

I presented at SGIA’s FP3 Conference in June in Chicago. The audience included several key electronics printers in North America, who I got the opportunity to engage with both during following the event. My presentation examined how additive manufacturing processes are converging to drive a new wave of design freedom for manufacturers of electronic devices.

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