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PRINTING United and the Evolution of SGIA

Posted by Kate Achelpohl on 12/5/18 8:57 AM

This year, SGIA hosted its final Expo, ushering in a new era of printing trade show with PRINTING United, a joint effort with NAPCO Media which is set to debut in Dallas in October 2019. The SGIA Journal sat down with Ford Bowers, President & CEO, SGIA to hear more about the changes that are coming, and how this new show will impact the printing industry as a whole.

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The 2019 Economic Outlook

Posted by Andy Paparozzi on 12/3/18 11:03 AM

In 2018, the American economy grew for the ninth consecutive year. We can expect this growth to continue in 2019 at approximately this year’s pace. The economy’s recent acceleration pairs with GDP growing faster now than in recent years. Consumer and federal spending have increased as well, also contributing to the economic acceleration.A large contributor to this trend is business investments in innovations like new equipment and software, which is up 8.7%, more than doubling the 3.7% gain from a year ago.

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Is Sustainability Still a Driver?

Posted by Marci Kinter on 11/26/18 3:56 PM

Is sustainability still a driver? Yes, according to the speakers at the Brands Talking Sustainability Luncheon at the SGIA Expo.

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2018 Garment Decorators Luncheon Takes an Eye-Opening Look at Branding

Posted by Christina Rosado on 11/21/18 3:22 PM

As the excitement and buzz of the SGIA Expo’s opening day continued into Saturday, October 19, the garment decoration community came together to spark a conversation of their own at the Garment Decorators Luncheon.

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A Graphic Look at the Road to the Stanley Cup

Posted by Kat Thomas on 11/19/18 1:33 PM

When the Washington Capitals closed out the 2018 NHL Eastern Conference Finals series against the Tampa Bay Lightning, securing their first Stanley Cup appearance since 1998, fans were overwhelmed and overjoyed. For Russ Ramey, Vice President of Marketing, ColorNet Printing & Graphics, it was a similar feeling, but in a different sense.

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