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The Five Sales Sins to Avoid

Posted by David M. Fellman on 1/22/20 1:00 PM

Think about the last salesperson who called on you. Whether it was a phone call or face-to-face interaction, there's one important question to ask. Did that salesperson talk:

  1. Not enough
  2. Just the right amount
  3. Too much
  4. Way too much!

Now think back on your own last conversation with a prospect or customer.

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Topics: Printing Industry, Sales, Customer Service, Business Operations

Who Says Manufacturing Doesn’t Matter?

Posted by Andy Paparozzi on 1/15/20 7:30 AM

For 30 years, the economic orthodoxy has been that America should focus on high value-added innovation and leave manufacturing to low-cost countries such as China and Mexico. Simply put, we should “innovate here and manufacture there.”

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Topics: Printing Industry, Economy, Manufacturing

Stay Ahead of OSHA Requirements

Posted by Gary Jones on 1/13/20 7:30 AM

The start of a new year brings two important Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) record-keeping requirements that printing operations must be aware of and comply with, if they meet the thresholds. The requirements involve the completion, posting and submission of certain separate, but related, record-keeping forms.

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Topics: Printing Industry, OSHA, Workplace Safety, Safety Recognition

Understanding Fabric Construction

Posted by Michael Sanders on 1/8/20 12:30 PM

In digital textile printing, asking the right questions can be the difference between a successful first-run project and a dumpster full of attempts. Navigating types of fabrics and constructions for different applications can get complex, but it is necessary for ultimately securing the optimal fabric from a supplier.

When evaluating fabrics, an important factor is knowing the difference between the two methods for producing cloth: knitting and weaving.

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Topics: Printing Industry, Digital Textile Printing, Fabrics

Leadership that Achieves the 20/20 Vision

Posted by Ryan T. Sauers on 12/16/19 1:15 PM

Vision, mission, purpose and leadership are words we constantly hear in business today. Vision is the plan for what the future of our organizations will look like, while mission refers to our daily activities to achieve these long-term goals. Our purpose is why our companies ultimately do what they do. For our companies to be successful, it’s important
to understand what a vision is, and how strong leadership helps us accomplish it.

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Topics: Printing Industry, Leadership and Culture, Business Operations