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Why I Attend the SGIA Expo

Posted by Kerry Gillespie on 9/24/18 9:13 AM

I remember going to my first show on October 31, 1977. It was my 25th birthday and my first day on the job. The show was in Anaheim, California (think Disneyland!), and my dad owned the company, so I was invited to attend. Dad and mom introduced me to many of their friends at that show, and I still keep in touch with a few of them (or their sons and daughters).  

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Explore What’s on the Horizon at the 2018 SGIA Expo (Part 2)

Posted by Bill Stein on 8/10/18 3:45 PM

In addition to the exciting educational slate at the 2018 SGIA Expo, we have scheduled many different events for a variety of printing communities. These events will let you network and connect with your peers to discuss the latest trends, ideas, technologies and applications impacting printing. These events, which take place off the conference floor, are hosted by individual SGIA committees and focus on the unique needs of each community. The cost is $30, but seating is limited, so early registration is recommended. 

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What We Sell is Emotion

Posted by Dan Marx on 8/3/18 1:46 PM

During a past SGIA webinar, garment decoration veteran Greg Kitson of Mind's Eye Graphics shared one of his opinions about the industry. “Nobody needs another T-shirt!’’ he said. “What I really sell is memories that happen to be on T-shirts.’’ This statement really resonated with me, and it got me thinking about our ongoing relationship with the T-shirt, and how, for many of us, certain T-shirts become cherished items, strong in emotional connection. SGIA reached out to a smattering of dedicated T-shirt wearers from all walks of life and asked them to tell us the stories behind their favorite, or most cherished, T-shirt. Their responses give a telling view into what builds a strong connection between us and our favorite shirts:

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Mixed Media: Create Unique Effects That Stimulate Sales

Posted by Frank Gawronski on 7/23/18 3:35 PM

Riley 300 Manual Press. Image courtesy of Ryonet.

Mixed media in the decorated apparel industry involves the use of at least two different embellishment processes in a single design. For example, you can create a mixed media design by combining screen printing and embroidery. While mixed media is not new, its potential for driving new sales could dazzle your customers!

Mixed Media Options

When it comes to the number of available mixed media options, you are really only limited by your imagination. Consider the equipment that you already own and begin developing mixed media samples as your schedule allows. The following is a brief list of some of the many options available to create mixed media garment decorations. 

GSG ZSK Sprint 7 Singlehead Embroidery Machine

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How to Get the Most Out of SGIA Workshops and Other Training

Posted by Linda & Tery Tennant on 7/18/18 3:37 PM


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