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Strengthening Your Staff's Print Job Management

Posted by Dan Reid on 3/30/20 2:45 PM

When stepping back and reflecting on different aspects of your business, not only should you be planning for future investments in technology but also qualified personnel to correctly manage print jobs. It’s one thing to evaluate printing technology for suitability, but assessing competency for managing print is something quite different. So how do you assess your personnel's skill set for today’s current and emerging printing technology?

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The Benefits of Professional Certification

Posted by Ben Starr on 3/2/20 7:00 AM

There are many reasons to pursue a certification — professional development, to learn or improve a skill or set of skills, to gain employment, or to demonstrate to others what you know. Whatever your reason for choosing to go down the path to certification, there are benefits in the end.

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Maintaining Consistent Color for a Large-Scale Installation

Posted by Jason Carolla on 12/4/19 11:00 AM

Earlier this year, our team at Studio Graphics had the opportunity to work with Bombardier Aerospace — a global leader in the transportation industry. When they initially contacted us about wrapping their Learjet 75 Liberty mock-up, it was evident at first glance the installation aspect would be the greatest challenge, since business jets are normally painted. Not only would this mock-up be showcased at the world's largest business jet trade show to lure in potential buyers who would be inspecting every detail, but it would have a special unveiling the day prior! 

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Certification Matters

Posted by Ray Weiss on 10/16/19 9:45 AM

Certification from an outside party is a differentiator for any business, setting you apart from the competition. It’s proof that a skillset has been mastered, further validated by an external review or assessment. The Oxford dictionary defines “certified” as “officially recognized as possessing certain qualifications or meeting certain standards.” In the print buying world, an SGIA Digital Color Professional certification means consistent, predictable and repeatable color matters to you.

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