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Sustainable Business Practices: Promoting Health and Well-Being

Posted by Heather Nortz on 4/29/20 1:45 PM

Last week, SGIA announced its 2020 Sustainable Business Recognition Program recipients, with an introduction to the globally recognized United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their accompanying targets and indicators that served as the program's criteria. Now, we're sharing how the Sustainable Business Recognition Silver Award recipients achieved SDG No. 3., which focuses on ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all ages.

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Recognizing Sustainable Efforts in Print on Earth Day

Posted by Heather Nortz on 4/22/20 12:08 PM

What defines a sustainable business is its impact on the environment, how it treats its employees and community, and its profitability. People, planet, and profit are the commonly known criteria for defining sustainable operations. But how do you measure a business's sustainable actions and gauge the impact they have in each of these three categories?

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A Day of Recognition, A Year-Round Effort

Posted by Marci Kinter & Heather Nortz on 11/20/19 7:00 AM

In case you missed it, last Friday (November 15) was National Recycling Day, as highlighted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other organizations. The EPA held its America Recycles Week Summit and Innovation Fair last week, and released its National Framework for Advancing the U.S. Recycling System. This is an overview of actions taken by a very diverse stakeholder group over the past year, as well as plans for moving the dialogue forward.

SGIA attended the EPA summit Friday where the theme of “Innovation and Partnership” was carried out. EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler kicked off the day with an overview of where the agency seeks to move.

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Sustainability: Million-Dollar ROIs and Improved Workforce Development

Posted by Heather Nortz on 11/13/19 6:45 AM

Since its conception, the term sustainability has gotten saddled with descriptors like “expensive” and “inconvenient.” Though inaccurate, it is understandable why many people think this way. For those not constantly seeking out the latest processes and technologies, it is near impossible to figure out the tangible benefits from becoming more sustainably oriented. The problem with this, fundamentally, is education. To give everyone the tools to benefit from sustainable business practices, the word must be spread that since the first major environmental push in 1970, there has been monumental progress around the return on investment of sustainability. Just use the three panelists in PRINTING United’s Sustainability Strategies Luncheon as proof.

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The Larger-Scale Impact of Local Waste Management

Posted by Heather Nortz on 10/30/19 10:30 AM

Think globally, act locally.

That was the attitude at TLMI’s Saving Dollars by Avoiding Landfill Avoidance pilot event in St. Louis last week. Global sustainable waste management is a huge feat that begins with strategic local actions. For instance, referring to leftover materials as “by-product” instead of “waste” is a necessary mindset shift to insinuate that the materials left over after use of a product are in fact valuable and should not just be tossed away. The logistics involved in actually extracting the value from by-products is the complex part. This is why a personal atmosphere with local recyclers and local businesses in the same industry is so valuable.

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Topics: Government Affairs, Sustainability, Business Operations